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Call +1-855-611-0111 – Choose the Right Program With These Registry Cleaner Reviews

The registry is an integral part of the Windows software. It functions as a hierarchical database, and stores important information about the computer, such as configuration settings and options. It also provides a means of gauging system performance by means of accessing certain counters. Through simple regular use or installation of software, this registry becomes corrupted, filling up with unnecessary files, invalid directories, and other worthless or damaging data.

At first it will merely take up memory space, and then proceed to slow down certain processes, like internet connections. Eventually it causes error messages and system crashes. Thus the registry requires regular cleaning to ensure smooth performance. A good registry cleaner must detect errors thoroughly, such as empty registry keys or ActiveX errors, and remove them promptly, but hopefully without removing registry entries that are actually needed by some programs. Here are some registry cleaner reviews of some of the best programs:

Topping the list is Registry Easy. This cleaner is comprehensive, checking for registry errors, DLL errors, runtime errors, kernel32 errors, IExplore and system32 errors, LSass.exe, SVChost.exe errors and many more. It is also very user friendly, with intuitive interface controls and a guide to help in each step of the cleaning process. Plus it has an automatic backup feature to quickly undo changes, and a dedicated email address for technical support.

Next on the list of registry cleaner reviews is RegCure. Its functionality is similar to Registry Easy. It is quick, thorough, and beginner friendly. It also has a backup system. It can detect as many errors as Registry Easy, and the interface is just as user friendly. However, the technical support team may not be as dedicated as at Registry Easy, although RegCure does have a 60 day money back guarantee.

Third on the list is Registry Booster. It is a Microsoft Gold Certified partner, and is the recipient of numerous 5 star awards, which means quality. It features an advanced error detection technology, and is one of the most thorough in listing registry errors. Some minor issues that users experienced involved the download and installation time. Some users also complained that the increased thoroughness of the program made it more prone to ruin the registry. The trial version also lacks a big chunk of functionality. However, this program does have a backup system and a 30 day money back guarantee.

Last on these registry cleaner reviews is Registry Mechanic, another advanced cleaner. It has much of the same features as the other cleaners mentioned above, including thoroughness, backup systems, and others, but it also has its own share of complaints, such as repeated error messages on supposedly “repaired” items and conflicts with other programs. Some users also noted the apparent lack of a money back guarantee and a solid technical support system.

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