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Spyware is a program that secretly congregates the information about the users through their Internet connection without their prior knowledge. It is generally provided as a veiled module of freeware that one can download from Internet. It checks the user activity on the Internet and reports it back to someone, usually an Internet advertising or pornographic website.

Spyware is the most precarious, destructive and frightening hi-tech application in the existing past of cyber era. The term Spyware was publicly introduced firstly on 16 October, 1996 on the Usenet. It was used on a piece of writing ironically intended towards the strategies of the world wide leader in business- Microsoft. Afterwards, it was used as a spy device till the year 1999. But soon after, in a press release of Zone Alarm Personal Firewall by the Zone Labs Company it was used as how we recognize it today.

The most striking effect of Spyware was seen in the field of mass media. OptOut-the first anti-spyware, was released in June, 2000 by Steve Gibson. Although marketed at a very viable price, OptOut got a very tough fight from LavaSoft in the year 2000. LavaSoft offered their version 1.0 of anti-spyware, completely free of cost. The application that LavaSoft introduced was more proficient as a spyware removal module as it was able to perform multi-tasking functions. Consequently Gibson had to run off from the chase leaving their OptOut with no more advancement.

The word spyware is also referred as malware by people related to data security management. Malware is software that is harmful to the computer system. Adware is also used in place of spyware to indicate applications such as Trojans and Keyloggers. Generally, all spyware programs like Xupiter, Gator, XXXDial, DirectRevenue, Euniverse, CoolWebSearch, 180 Solutions, Bonzi Buddy and Cydoor always target the Windows Operating System.

Like virus, spyware does not replicate itself. So, it remains undetected when some anti-virus application is run on the system. What is more important to know is that it is actually you only who agree to install a spyware on your system by clicking the ‘I Agree’ button on the screen.

Several ways that can protect the computer from such softwares are:

o Using a built in firewall provided in Windows XP also defend the system against the software that are placed remotely on your systems by the hackers.

o Make sure all the software you are using on your system are updated till date.

o It can also be removed by adjusting the browser’s settings for security by determining the level of information that you want to get from a website.

o Spyware can also be blocked, detected and removed using Window Defender and other security tools and other unwanted software.

o Do not download any software on your first place. Use only those websites for downloading on which you have trust.

Clearly read the agreement statement and security issues and look out the shareware programs available on the websites for free. Use the red x button on the right top of the window to close it rather than using agree or OK button.

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